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Showing 1–12 of 92 results

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Updated February 17, 2021, by the Daily Marijuana Team

Medically reviewed on February 17, 2021, by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

Why Buy Sativa Weed Strains Online in Canada at Daily Marijuana?

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Large Selection of High-Grade Cannabis Sativa Strains

The Daily Marijuana menu of premium Sativa weed strains comprises some of the hottest Cannabis Sativa flowers in Canada. Our Sativa strains are grown by some of the most renowned marijuana farmers in Canada. All our marijuana strains undergo a series of lab tests to ensure we offer our customers the best buds possible. All of our cannabis strains are handled with extreme care and stored in high-tech facilities that promote ideal preservation conditions. We want you to be confident in our products when you buy Sativa weed online in Canada. 


Generous Sativa Marijuana Flower Deals

Before you buy any Sativa cannabis, make sure to check our promotions page to see if any specials are active. You will find door crashing ounce deals on some of your favourite Sativa marijuana. An easy way to stay informed is to sign up and get notified before any weed sales go live. There is also a mix and match weed option that allows you to build your ounces and save at the same time.

Also, you can get complimentary gifts by purchasing over $249 or $349. That would also qualify you for free shipping, which is available on purchases over $100. If this is your first time here, we offer a free 20% off immediately. Lastly, if you find a lower price at one of our competitors, we will happily match that price for you. We want you to be confident you are paying the lowest prices when you buy Sativa weed strains online in Canada at DailyMarijuana. For more information, please continue reading.


First Off, What is Cannabis?

Cannabis (aka marijuana, weed, pot, ganja, bud, reefer) is a kind of plant used for its psychoactive and medicinal properties. Marijuana contains cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBN that interact with the body in ways that we’re discovering more and more every day. Typically, these cannabinoids induce sensations of euphoria and relaxation. This plant is an extremely versatile one, offering myriad ways of enjoying it. While some people prefer the concentrate or edible form quickly, the most popular method of cannabis consumption is smoking. 

You can break cannabis plants down into subcategories such as hybrid, Sativa, and Indica flower strains. The landscape of cannabis is relatively new, and there is a lot of research to be done still left. This further information bodes well for the Canadian cannabis community as new effects and uses are sure to be discovered. 


What are Sativa Weed Strains?

Sativa strains are a subcategory of the Cannabis plant family and are primarily more prevalent in hot and dry climates with long summers. You can characterize Sativa weed as tall plants with large, conical fluffy buds, and they tend to take longer to flower, making longer summers handy. Typically, Sativa strains contain a lower CBD and CBN dose and higher THC ratios than other cannabis types.  

Many Sativa strains tend to boast light green and bright orange colours in terms of bud appearance, and the buds will be quite fluffy compared to dense purple Indica flowers. When smoked, Sativa weed typically provides users with an uplifting, energetic, and focused heady high. Many people enjoy smoking Sativas because of its ability to enhance creativity and stimulate the mind, especially when you need it most. (You probably don’t want to be smoking a bunch of Sativa before bed.) However, many Sativa marijuana strains provide similar effects to Indica flowers due to the vast amount of weed strains available in Canada.

Why Use THC?
Reasons Why People Smoke Weed


Difference Between Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid Strains

Unlike Sativa weed, the Indica flower contains higher proportions of CBD and CBN. Indica weed strains also tend to grow much shorter, bushier, and less time to flower than Sativa strains. The buds are smaller and more densely packed, and Indica strains lead to more of a body high. When looking at these dense Indica buds, you’ll likely notice deep purple or even pink hues within the flower, depending on the strain. These colours are a telltale sign that you’ve got a heavy indica on your hands. Cannabis indica strains are known to provide users with a sedative and relaxing body-typed high. These effects make these strains ideal for nighttime use. Indicas are famous for their ability to reduce muscle tension and soreness, as well as calm the mind; together, you get the perfect recipe for a relaxing evening in or a deep night’s sleep.

Hybrid strains offer traits from both Sativa and Indica marijuana plants– they’re a hybrid of the two! Most hybrids’ parents have both Indica and Sativa genetics, creating a beautiful blend of both types of cannabis. Not to worry, the cross-breeding process can remove many of the bad traits and breed in only the wanted characteristics, allowing your bud to be as perfect as it can be. The result is quality hybrid weed strains that provide a nice balanced set of therapeutic effects.


Different Types of Sativa Strains

Sativa weed strains have been a favourite of many for generations due to their uplighting and stimulating effects. Over time, many new strains have hit the market, creating hundreds upon thousands of options to choose from within the cannabis marketUnfortunately, it is becoming increasingly rare to find strains full of Sativa genetics due to the intensive crossbreeding of different strains. But, there are still many of them out there waiting for a user to smoke– you just have to find them.

Below are links to some of the most sought-after and best Indica strains on the market.

  • Amnesia Haze Strain
  • Durban Poison Strain
  • King Tut Strain
  • Maui Wowie Strain
  • Pineapple Express Strain
  • Scout Master Strain
  • Strawberry Cough Strain
  • Wedding Cake Strain
  • Blue Dream Strain
  • Jet Fuel Strain
  • Lemon Skunk Strain
  • Mimosa Strain
  • Purple Haze Strain
  • Sour Diesel Strain
  • Super Lemon Haze Strain
  • Wifi Strain
  • Duke Nukem Strain
  • Grapefruit Strain
  • Love Potion Strain
  • Moby Dick Strain
  • Red Congo Strain
  • Sour Tangie Strain
  • Trainwreck Strain


Best Sativa Weed Strain For You

Different Sativa marijuana strains will provide other effects, so it is best to research before buying Sativa weed online. The good thing is that there is no shortage of Sativa cannabis in Canada, and there are plenty of different strains to test out.  Also, the ideal choice will largely be influenced by your personal preferences and reactions to specific strains.

Sit down and try to determine what you want most out of your cannabis. Consider effects, smells, flavours, and smokability. Then, you can find Sativa strains that boast similar qualities. If you find you don’t like those strains, you can always try something new. 


Is Cannabis Sativa Legal and Safe?

As of October of 2018, marijuana is legal in Canada for medical and recreational use. For a full breakdown of the rule and regulations governing weed use, please refer to the Cannabis Act of Canada.

Cannabis is generally deemed a safe drug compared to many other substances out there. There are rarely any reports of any severe consequences to smoking marijuana. However, it is essential to keep in mind that smoking anything will pose risks for your lungs and respiratory system, so we cannot say that smoking weed is 100% safe. Unfortunately, while you cannot overdose on it, weed does come with its risks. We highly suggest being responsible when taking marijuana and enjoy it in moderation. This moderation holds for both Sativa and Indica flowers alike.

Always start as low as you can with your first few cannabis doses to see how it affects you. You can then up your dosages when you know that your body can handle a little bit more. This moderation is the best way to ensure that you have a comfortable, safe weed experience.


How to Smoke Sativa Marijuana

Smoking cannabis is the easy part. All you have to do is break the buds up, roll them into a nice fat joint and light it. It’s as simple as that. Or, if you don’t want to take the time to roll, you can always pack a bowl and smoke weed out of a bong, pipe, or vaporizer. All of these are standard, straightforward methods of enjoying your favourite flower. Whatever method you choose will largely depend on your personal preferences and particular situation.

 Here are some of the most common ways to take Sativa weed strains:

  • Smoke in a joint
  • Inhaling it using a bong
  • Smoke it with a weed pipe
  • Vape it using a vape pen or dry herb vaporizer
  • Eat it as a THC weed edible.

Sativa weed’s taste depends on the type of strain, the grower, and how it is stored before it reaches the user. Even seeds from the same marijuana plant can taste completely different at times. The typical tastes associated with many weed strains include earthy, berry, fruity, spicy, citrusy, and skunky flavour profiles.  The taste will largely depend on the terpene profile of the strain in question. Terpenes are the chemicals that give marijuana its fragrant scents, and different ones appear in other strains, creating varying benefits. Find your ideal strain, pay attention to the specific flavours and smells you like most from your flower, and find out what terpenes are typical in that strain. You can then find other strains with similar terpene profiles, as you know they’re something you love.


Alternatives to Sativa Flowers

If you like Sativas but are looking for something more substantial, cannabis concentrates are great options. These products include hash, weed shatter, budder wax, terp sauce, weed oil, THC Distillate, and cannabis vapes. Cannabis concentrates have THC levels twice, even thrice of those that Sativa flower produces, creating a much more potent product for all you experienced smokers out there. Dabbing can be considered complicated, so it should only be tried by those with extensive experience in the world of cannabis. 

Weed edibles are also great alternatives for those not wanting to smoke cannabis products at all. Cannabis can be infused into any type of food you want, taking your sweet or savoury treats to a whole new level. Edibles will take much longer for the effects to kick in, but results will be significantly more substantial than those of some puffs of Sativa weed.

Finally, if you want the benefits of cannabinoids but don’t wish to get high, then CBD products are worth a shot. These products are available in myriad forms depending on what you need most out of your cannabis. But, if you’re looking for an authentic psychedelic experience, you should try psilocybin mushroom products (which, don’t worry, we have plenty of here at Daily Marijuana).


Where Can I Buy Sativa Weed Online in Canada?

At Daily Marijuana, we have done the research and have identified the best craft growers of cannabis in Canada. We only work with experienced cannabis farmers that care about what they do and adhere to high-quality standards. Also, we keep a low-quantity of each marijuana strain and regularly replenish the stocks to ensure that we keep only the freshest weed in stock. Our inventory includes or selection of premium Sativa marijuana strains.  So, shop DailyMarijuana and save on a wide selection of Sativa strains when you buy weed online.

The cost of Sativa marijuana in Canada largely depends on the quality of weed and the quantity purchased. Premium marijuana flowers can average between $160-260 per ounce, and cheap weed and budget buds can be less. Also, if purchasing larger quantities, the prices tend to drop. Be sure to keep an eye out for special ounce promotions for costs from $65-99 for budget buds.

When it comes to purchasing cannabis in Canada, Daily Marijuana should be your one-stop-shop. At Daily Marijuana, we handpick our growers to ensure only the top-of-the-line cannabis Sativa flower gets stocked. We regularly refresh our stock to ensure we offer the freshest products for sale and our customers get what they want and deserve. With online dispensaries like us, you don’t have to worry about leaving the comfort of your home to purchase your beloved cannabis products. Instead, you just make a purchase, and we’ll deliver you your products right to your door, no hassle and discreet. So, come check out our premium Sativa buds (and so much more) and buy weed online at Daily Marijuana, the best online weed dispensary in Canada.


Please visit our marijuana guide for a more detailed breakdown of all things Cannabis.



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