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Dried Psilocybin Shrooms | Buy Dried Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada

Buy dried shrooms online in Canada and experience the finest and most premium psilocybin magic mushrooms around. Earn rewards points on each dollar spent, unlock complimentary gifts, and get 20% off if this is your first time here.

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Updated February 15, 2021

By the Daily Marijuana Team

Why Buy Dried Shrooms Online in Canada at Daily Marijuana?

At Daily Marijuana, not only do we specialize in cannabis, but we also specialize in magic mushrooms. We are proud to bring you a vast selection of some of the highest-grade dried shrooms in Canada. Let us help you find the best deals and save you your hard-earned money. Our goal is for you to leave us feeling you have received full value with our products and services.

Vast Selection of Dried Shroom Strains

Our selection of dried magic mushrooms consists of some of the most sought-after shroom strains in Canada. What’s more, is that our menu of dried magic mushrooms continues to grow. You can find some of the most popular shroom strains such as Golden Teacher mushrooms, Penis Envy, Mexican Cubensis, Blue Meanies, and more. Just be sure to reserve your order because these products fly off our shelves. Be sure to take advantage of our mix and match shrooms option so that you can enjoy a variety of types to test which ones you prefer.

Top-Quality Dried Magic Mushrooms in Canada

All of our dried magic mushrooms are from the most trusted psilocybin mushroom farmers in Canada. Our group of shroom growers have been at the forefront of the magic mushroom industry for decades and are masters at their craft. This level of expertise becomes apparent as you try their dried shrooms. You will notice the quality, potency, and effectiveness are all at very high levels. Also, our team extensively tests all shroom products that make their way into our inventory. We even have custom-designed facilities that allow for the ideal conditions for shroom storage. At DailyMarijuana, we take product quality seriously because we believe our customers deserve only the best. 

Affordable Prices on Top-Quality Dried Psilocybin Mushrooms

The first thing you should do before you buy dried magic mushrooms online in Canada with our shroom dispensary is to see any running specials. We release new promotions every week that can include amazing deals on dried shrooms. We even offer first-time buyers 20% off their initial orders. We even offer free express shipping nationwide on all purchases above $99. Bump that figure up to $250 and have your choice of a free generous gift. Spend above $350, and you will unlock our premium gift tier. Also, every dollar spent will earn you rewards points that we will add to your account. Use these points for future discounts on your orders. 

Unbeatable Customer Service

Most importantly, our team wants you to enjoy doing business with our shroom dispensary. We are here to help in any way that we can to make this a reality. Our main goal is for each of our valued members to feel like they are getting full value when they buy dried magic mushrooms with our online dispensary. At any time you need to get in touch with us, send us an email, and we’ll assist you in finding the solutions you require. Purchase dried shrooms online in Canada now, or read on for more information about these products. 


Dried Magic Mushrooms in Canada

The use of magic mushrooms has been around for a long, long time. Magic mushrooms go by many names – shrooms, musk Mexican mushrooms, boomers, little smoke, caps, mush/mushies, philosopher’s stones, and a whole lot of other jargon. They look like dried, ordinary mushrooms with thin stems that are greyish and murky brown caps. You can eat magic mushrooms or combine them with food or brew them like tea for drinking. They can be eaten directly raw or dried. 


What Are Dried Magic Mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms are composed of 95% water, and when picked, will begin to dry relatively quickly. Shrooms have potent effects, even stronger than fresh ones. When dried, magic mushrooms become more versatile therefore preferred by most. When appropriately prepared, dried magic mushrooms preserve more alkaloids, which means more pep for you. Not only that, but dried mushrooms also have an indeterminate shelf life, especially when you freeze them. However, you should use a particular technique when picking and drying; otherwise, you even lose a lot of its potency.

What is Psilocybin?

Psilocybin is the primary component found in different magic mushrooms, making it perhaps the best-known psychedelic substance that occurs naturally. Psilocin is also another significant component that you can to magic mushrooms. Both have similar chemical structures as well as effects on the body’s central nervous system. Both produce hallucinogenic effects resembling that of LSD.

Psilocybin influences the brain’s prefrontal cortex, a portion of the brain that controls abstract thinking, the processing of thought, and plays an essential role in mood and perception. These perceptual changes often result in a “happier” state of being and being more creative in the arts. These effects sometimes last longer than 12 months after ingesting psilocybin.

How to Take Dried Mushrooms

Shroom lovers would jokingly describe the taste of magic mushroom as “mummified moths,” “dried rubber celery,” or like “soil after it just rained.” Kidding aside, most would describe shrooms as ‘earthy and very bitter.’ However, there is a wide range of magic mushroom products to choose from if you can’t tolerate its bitter taste.  

The dosage and strength of magic mushrooms depend on the species, cultivation location, and preparation. Many people just chew on fresh or dried mushrooms but would comment that it doesn’t always taste well. This bitter taste is why many would prefer mixing the dried magic mushrooms with fruits or juices just to combat the intense flavour. 


Are Shrooms Safe?

According to the Global Drug Survey in 2017, dried magic mushrooms or psilocybin is probably the safest psychedelic substance one can use. It’s even safer to use than weed. Out of the 12,000 people who participated, only 0.2 percent claimed to need medical intervention afterward. Compared to cocaine, or LSD, it’s five to six times lower and three times lesser than weed. A big, HOWEVER, however, one should be careful where to buy dried mushrooms. Only purchase from a reputable, trusted shop. 


What are the Different Types of Magic Mushroom?

Magic mushrooms in Canada come in a range of colours, sizes, shapes, and potency. You can find different variations all over the world. The following are the most well-known varieties:

Psilocybe cubensis. This dried shroom strain is the most common magic mushroom, and as far as size is concerned, it’s bigger than the others, growing up to 8 cm. in diameter. Psilocybe cubensis flourish in manure, and you can commonly find them along the Gulf Coast in the U.S.  Still, you can also find them in Central America, Mexico, South America as well as Asia and Australia. 

Psilocybe Cyanescens. This type of magic mushroom has distinct wavy caps. You can commonly find them growing on wood chips. This variety grows well in parts of Europe and the Pacific Northwest areas of the U.S.

Psilocybe Mexicana. This variety is much smaller than Psilocybe cubensis with a cap measurement of 2-3 cm. only. These magic mushrooms would show dark spore prints and would turn blue when bruised.

Psilocybe Semilanceata. One of the most potent types, this magic mushroom variety can grow 5-25 mm in diameter. You can commonly see them in the pastures of North America and Europe. 


Where Can I Buy Dried Magic Mushrooms Online in Canada?

The best place to buy shrooms online is at Daily Marijuana. We offer a wide selection of marijuana grown by some of the best growers in BC. We adhere to high-quality standards and regularly replenish our inventory with only the freshest, tastiest, and most potent magic mushroom products in Canada.


Alternatives to Dried Shrooms

Within the same psychedelic family, there are shroom edibles, shroom tea, and for a lighter and more balanced approach, you can microdose shroom capsules.  

For cannabis lovers out there, you can try our traditional marijuana flowers, cannabis concentrates, weed vapes, and weed edibles

For people not looking to get high or for a compliment to shrooms or THC products, CBD is perfect. You get many of the therapeutic benefits, but without the intoxicating effects. 



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