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Diamond OG Hash


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Lebanese Bee Hash (14 Grams)


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Lebanese Rose Hash (14 Grams)


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Maya Hash


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New Amsterdam Hash


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Stallion Hash


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AMG Hash


Updated February 17, 2021, by the Daily Marijuana Team

Medically reviewed on February 17, 2021, by Dr. Kimberly Langdon, M.D.

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Our massive selection of hash allows you to choose various types, each with its advantages.  Our hashish menu includes our top-selling Elephant hash, Bubble hash, AK-47 hash, Apple hash, Black hash, Camel hash, Diamond hash, Lebanese hash, Madhosh hash, Mercedez hash, and Moroccan hash. But the list doesn’t end here, as we carry a variety of other types of hashish, and we are always looking for the hottest hash items to add to our menu. Just be sure to grab some before we run out because our hashes are top sellers and go fast. 


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What is Hash (aka Hashish)?

Hash (aka hashish) is one of the oldest cannabis concentrates in Canada. Hash is created by extracting trichomes (aka resin and crystals) from marijuana. The trichomes are then compressed into bricks or balls of a cannabis concentrate, commonly referred to as a hash. For newcomers to the weed concentrate community, hashish is a great starting point. It is a medium-ranged potent product (averaging between 25-50% THC) you can find on the Canadian concentrate market. This moderate potency level makes hashish an ideal entry-level cannabis concentrate for those new to the field. Also, this product category is easy to find and can be purchased from any online hash dispensary in Canada. 

What are the Properties of Hash?

Hash comes in a range of consistency, colours, smells, tastes, and potency. It is common to find hash in balls, cakes or bricks, and range from pasty to solid. Black and brown are the standard colours of hash, with hints of red, yellow and green depending on the processes used to make the hash. Hashish is a compressed form of THC crystals

Why Use THC?
Reasons Why People Take Hash

How Potent is Hashish?

The potency of hash largely depends on how potent the raw materials are and how efficient the extraction process is. On average, THC levels of hash range between 25-50%. This modest level of THC makes hashish on the lower end of the potency scale for cannabis concentrates. However, this does not mean hash is weak by any means. You can find very potent forms of hashish at weed stores such as DailyMarijuana. At trusted cannabis dispensaries like this, you can be confident you are getting quality and potent products.

What are the Advantages of Hash?

The most significant advantage of hash is that it requires less plant material to get the user high. The least amount of material means cleaner lungs compared to smoking weed.  Also, hash usually is very affordable and easy to find. The online hash Canada community is extensive since hashish is easy to make and easy to come by. It makes sense that hashish has been a favourite of many pot smokers for as long as anyone can remember.

Difference Between Hash and Other Cannabis Products?

Hashish is composed of compressed trichomes of cannabis buds. The main difference is the potency is much higher since hash contains much less plant material than regular marijuana buds. Traditional cannabis flower averages typically between 15-25% THC, whereas hash ranges between 25-50%. This higher level of tetrahydrocannabinol makes hashish much more potent and will likely lead to a more intense set of effects.

Hash is known to be less potent than other cannabis concentrates. For example, weed waxes such as budder and shatter are on average twice as concentrated as most hashish in Canada. These higher THC levels are the same as other weed extracts such as live resin and THC distillate. However, hash products are generally found at a lower price and are more readily available. Also, hashish is ideal for those new to the marijuana concentrate community since it is not as strong as many other comparable products.

Different Types of Hash in Canada

Since hash has been around the Canadian cannabis community for ages, this has led to the creation of many different extraction methods. The most common and easiest form of hash to make is finger hash (aka rub). Other common types of hash in Canada include Bubble Hash, Dry Sift Hash and Master Sift Hash. The hash Canada community is growing every year, and with good reason. So buy hash online in Canada at Daily Marijuana and try the different varieties for yourself.

How to Take Hash?

The most common way to take hash is by mixing some in with some weed to roll into a joint to smoke. Bongs and pipes are other standard methods of smoking hash in Canada. Another way to take hash is by vaping it using a dry herb vaporizer. 

Here are some of the most common ways to take hashish:

  • Smoke in a joint
  • Inhaling it using a bong
  • Smoke it with a weed pipe
  • Vape it using a dry herb vaporizer


Is Hashish Legal in Canada?

Hash falls under the category of cannabis concentrate and is therefore legal in Canada as of October 17, 2019. You can find a complete breakdown of what is legalized in Canada’s Cannabis Act. What this means is a higher supply of hashish, higher quality, and lower hash prices. Also, marijuana studies are still in the early stages, and as researchers make further discoveries, more useful information will be available to help make better-informed decisions.


Is Taking Hash Safe?

Hash in Canada has been a staple in the Canadian cannabis community for centuries because it is relatively easy to make and is easy to obtain. Having a relatively low THC concentration makes it an excellent choice for newcomers to the Canadian cannabis community. It is best to take hash in moderation to avoid any adverse side effects. Furthermore, as with all marijuana products, it is not recommended to operate any heavy machinery or undertake any task that has the potential for harm. Even though hashish is not that potent of a THC concentrate, it can still pack quite the punch.


What Hash is Right for Me?

The ideal hashish comes down to personal preference and intended use. If it is for nighttime-related activities, hash made using indica dominant weed would be preferable, whereas daytime pursuits would warrant Sativa prevalent hash. The different types of hash come with different potencies, and bubble hash typically has one of the highest THC concentrations out of all the hash in Canada. The best thing to do is try as many as possible to find out which ones you prefer. 


Where Can I Buy Hash Online in Canada?

The best place to buy hash online in Canada is at Daily Marijuana. We offer some of the best hash products from Vancouver to Toronto (and everywhere else in Canada for that matter).  All our hashish products are lab-tested to ensure only the top-quality hash hits our shelves. Come shop now at the best online weed dispensary in Canada and become a member of DailyMarijana and receive special offers and updates on industry trends of cannabis in Canada. So buy weed online with and save big now! 


What Are Some Alternatives to Hash?

A more traditional and less potent alternative would be cannabis flowers. Other cannabis concentrates such as budder, shatter, live resin, THC oil, cannabis vapes, and THC distillate are great options for something more substantial. For a weed product to ingest instead of smoke, weed edibles are perfect. Alternatively, for those not wanting to get high, CBD products are the way to go.  Or, for a more psychedelic experience, magic mushrooms are worth a try. 


Please visit our Hash Guide for a more detailed breakdown of all things Hashish.



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