Kloud 9 Phoenix Tears 1mL Syringe



Grade A THC Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)
Produced using an organic, food-grade fruit alcohol solvent Kloud 9’s unique extraction process removes all residual solvents 100% while maintaining the full profile of medicinal ingredients (Highly Potent)

What’s In The Package

Each 1 ml syringe contains 610 mg THC and 2.3 mg CBD, 1.5mg CBG and 1mg CBC, with a full cannabinoid profile


1 ml syringe amounts to 61 x 10mg doses.
One dose is about the size of a grain of rice (Highly Potent)

Suggested Usage

It can be taken orally (directly under the tongue), vaped, smeared on a rolling paper to add to joints, and can be used in cooking (added to a carrier oil and then mixed with food or drinks).

Shelf Life/Storage

30-60 days if stored in a cool and dry place when not in use.  Past that the product can start losing its potency.

-Raw (unflavoured)

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